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Carpet Cleaning

Of all the furnishings in Biloxi, MS homes, the carpet experiences the most direct traffic which contributes to dirt accumulation and general wear and tear. It is important to keep the carpet clean and well maintained to not only keep it looking new, but also to increase its longevity. The carpet in a home should be professionally cleaned by Coastal Carpet and Tile Cleaning once or twice a year depending on the amount of foot traffic in your Harrison County, MS home. Jackson County, MS homeowners should make sure to vacuum the carpet at least once a week between professional cleanings.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile, stone, and grout are not only beautiful touches to a Biloxi, MS home, but are durable, too. However, areas, where tile and grout are installed in the Harrison County, MS home, are especially vulnerable to dirt, spills, and bacteria. Not only is the discoloration from a build-up of dirt and grime in on your tile and grout unsightly, it also creates a dangerous breeding ground for allergens and bacteria in Jackson County, MS. But here’s the good news! Coastal Carpet and Tile Cleaning can provide you with a cleaner, healthier home. Here are a few benefits of having your tile and grout professionally cleaned.


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